Erinma Ochu

Lecturer in Manchester, United Kingdom

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Erinma is a researcher in the Ecosystems and Environment Research Centre at the University of Salford where she is programme lead on a new MSc in Science Communication and Future Media. With fellowships from NESTA, The Wellcome Trust and The Jerwood Foundation/ Manchester International Festival, she has pioneered creative and transdisciplinary approaches to public participation and involvement in research to gain new cultural perspectives across the future of food, health and social care. Trained originally as a neuroscientist with a BSc and PhD from The University of Manchester, she went on to work in patient involvement and the medical communication of Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Schizophrenia and Depression. This refocussed Erinma’s career on cultural and social initiatives and ten years of developing partnerships with schools, museums, research institutions and NGOs, culminating in a role as Creative Director for The Manchester Beacon for Public Engagement.

Her current focus is on connecting diverse perspectives, to foster informal learning, at the intersection of social, artistic and environmental movements, with support from INIVA/ The Stuart Hall Foundation and as Co-I on UK-wide NERC pilot, OPENER.

She serves as scientific and cultural advisor to The Centre for Healthy Aging (Copenhagen), Do It Together Science (EU), Invisible Dust (UK), The Museum of Science and Industry (Manchester), Sheffield International Documentary Festival and The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

In 2015 she was awarded an MBE for Services to Public Engagement with science, technology and engineering.

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