Erinma Ochu

neuroscientist in London, UK

Erinma Ochu

neuroscientist in London, UK

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Dr. Erinma Ochu is a storyteller and neuroscientist developing a transdisciplinary research agenda examining the collective reimagining of life in postcarbonfutures. This transdisciplinary research is concerned with developing new cultural literacies to thrive in a warming world.

Based in the iSchool at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK, Erinma is Senior Lecturer in Digital Media and Communications. At MMU, Erinma is advisory board member to the institution-wide network on researching race and racism. As visiting Research Fellow of The Ada Lovelace Institute, Erinma contributes to anti-racism in AI policymaking.

They are founder of #OpenLight, a climate and culture platform for collaborative inquiry with artists and cultural entrepreneurs, experimenting with emerging technologies for Worldmaking. #OpenLight. In tandem, with partner, such as Livy Africa, based in Tanzania, this work seeks to decolonise neuroscience and biology en route.

Erinma gained a PhD in Applied Neuroscience from The University of Manchester then trained and worked in story development, film production and distribution as EAVE graduate at B3 Media setting up their shorts to feature programme, which continues today.

They have led, collaborated on and acted as critical friend on a range of culture change public research initiatives including the Creative People and Places (ACE), Beacons for Public Engagement (HEFCE/RCUK), and most recently Engaging Environments (NERC), an environmental justice initiative on which Erinma is storytelling lead.

Erinma leads on the AI and arts practice element of Patterns In Practice, a study focused on examining the values, beliefs and cultures where machine learning is employed in cheminformatics, higher education and arts practice.

Erinma is co-founder of Squirrel Nation and visiting racial justice fellow at The Ada Lovelace Institute, critiquing the ethics of AI informed by Sylvia Wynter’s ‘The Ceremony Must be Found, After Humanism’.

Squirrel Nation were Manchester International Fellows in 2017/18 and in residence with INIVA/ Stuart Hall Library. Squirrel Nation were invited jury members presiding over the 2021 Neuhaus Institute Open Fellowships.

As a prior artist fellow at INIVA/ Stuart Hall Foundation, Erinma is an alumni of the Stuart Hall Scholars and Artists' network.

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