Erinma Ochu

Storyteller in London, UK

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I'm a neuroscientist, filmmaker and grower by background. And keen to grow the world we need through these perspectives.

I guest curate DocFest Exchange at Sheffield International Festival and am a researcher on Engaging Environments, a co-inquiry platform for building equity and inclusion in environmental science.

I'm into movement and coalition building around social, environmental and cognitive justice. The platforms I advocate for and champion are Unite for Climate Action, Neurolove and BlastFest.

I set up 'Jewel in my open light' during COVID19 lockdown, a platform for co-inquiry into what makes a healthy microenvironment, a space held through solidarity across BIPOC perspectives.

My work is currently supported by NERC and Wellcome.

I live with my partner in Hackney, London. We have two cats, Charlie and Lilo, who are brothers. Milky, the neighbours cat thinks he lives with us too.