Erin Yasgar

Strategist, Consultant, and Marketer in Los Angeles, California

Erin Yasgar

Strategist, Consultant, and Marketer in Los Angeles, California

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hi. thanks for stopping by.

my expertise lies in integrated marketing, innovation and digital media. multichannel, omni-channel, but definitely not the same bat time or bat channel.

i am well versed in traditional, digital, mobile, experiential, social, promotional and location based marketing. I understand the technology behind creating a 360 degree experience for the consumer across all their devices and how to personalize it. i can help companies transform their processes and modernize their approach.

i design campaigns, ideas, systems, stories, experiences, structure and spaces; online, on-device, on the street, in my head, in other people's heads and in the world.

I take a human centered design thinking approach and i start with strategy. it is the basis of all activity. why are we doing this? Who are we doing this for? what are we trying to accomplish? what tools are available to us? who are we trying to reach and where are they?

I've helped the grammys connect in the social sphere, convinced people to quit drinking soda to fight childhood obesity, helped a global sports brand launch a movement, developed analytical dashboards for every type of data point you can think of, and implemented a digital direct to consumer ad tech platform for the world's largest live events co.

i see a little further down the line than most, often notice what others pass by and i am very good at connecting the most complex of dots. i love data. i have a neverending supply of intellectual curiosity. I love learning.

oh....and i cook. some of my best ideas come while wearing an apron

  • Education
    • i have degrees in design & marketing - left & right brain trained