Erwin Bosman

Born in Flanders, Belgium, in 1958, I had the pleasure to spend my youth without too many worries, and to meet a gorgeous woman who became my wife in 1989. When my daughter was born in 1999, my luck was complete. My daughter, Blijke, also sparked within me the interest for photography. How could I not start recording the way she grew up? My interest however grew further than portraying her development. Interest in photography became a larger passion. In the article which you can read here, I have tried to elaborate on the drive behind this passion. Since end 2009, my daughter is hooked on synchronized swimming. Just imagine what a challenge this presents for me to capture all this elegance in the water! Recently, the blues virus has invaded me completely. In the search for the roots of modern music, I ended up exploring the African American history since 1619, reaching further to a study of African culture. I discover in the early blues what I also like in photography: the symbolic expression of fragmentary parts of life in depicting a true and complex story about a much bigger reality, outside and inside men. My educational background of sociologist, my creative drive and love for music all come together in my love for musicians as Son House and Howlin' Wolf. Thanks guys for your invaluable legacy! The passion for photography and blues are shared with you on the sites quoted below.