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eSkateBuddy is a leading electric skateboarding blog that provides in-depth reviews of the most popular and best electric skateboards on the market today. You will also find a number of great informative articles about e-skateboarding here.

How was eSkateBuddy founded?

In 2019, Dario Yore - an experienced electric skater and an expert in the field of skateboarding founded eSkateBuddy with the desire to share his knowledge and experience with everyone. Dario has had a passion for skateboards since he was a child, growing up he was fascinated by people riding electric skateboards on the road and determined to conquer the e-skateboard field. He has companions to help synthesize information and edit content on the site.

How eSkateBuddy evaluate

Electric skateboard industry is growing rapidly these days, so there are more and more electric skateboard manufacturers in the market. Each brand has dozens of product lines. The variety of such products easily makes users overloaded with information and do not know what to choose. eSkateBuddy was born to help you.

We help sift through the information that is most accurate and relevant to you. Our reviews are written based on multiple data sources such as descriptions from manufacturers, other reputable review sites, expert opinions, and user reviews. We guarantee that the reviews on eSkateBuddy are completely accurate and unbiased.

How can eSkateBuddy help you?

Our reviews are very detailed. Each product review includes product specs, pros & cons, comparison table, and final verdict. We also provide high quality images of the products so you can view the board as if you were in a store. With detailed and realistic descriptions from eSkateBuddy, you will easily make a right and well-informed purchase decision. In addition, we have a support team who are available 24/7 to help answer any questions when needed.

If you are looking for tricks you can do on electric skateboards, ways to extend battery life or good tips about e-boards, you can come to eSkateBuddy, too. We have a whole catalog to share helpful tips and guides with you.

What more? You can buy a premium electric skateboard for the price of a regular electric skateboard thanks to the hot deals we collect from the manufacturer. That's great, isn't it?

If you have some time now, take a moment to check out our site. You will love it right away. We promise!