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Psychologist, Therapist, and Writer in Zomba, Malawi

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Essential Grace Magazine is dedicated to all things mental health and wellness.

We are a small project run by the Haven Counselling and Consultancy Center based in Zomba, Malawi. This project was initiated to raise public awareness on challenges we face related to mental health such as increasing suicide rates, sexual assault on minors, substance and alcohol abuse, and the ongoing gender based violence cases in our communities.

We will be looking at different issues each month, involving writers and contributors from both local and international sources so as to get deeper understanding plus a broad perspective on each topic.

We will also provide contact information for local counsellors/therapists for those needing their services.

Our mission is to get people thinking, talking, and acting on the many challenges our society faces because of the silence around mental health problems.

Contact us for directly for further information at [email protected] / [email protected]

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