Estelle Curran

Supporter at Rosarian Academy and Member of The Order of St John in NY

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A lifelong supporter of advancements in STEM education and technology, Estelle Curran has recently partnered with Rosarian Academy. She is currently a supporter of the Professional Development Program offered to the academic institution's staff of educators. The Professional Development Program was recently introduced in order to equip teachers and administrators with the knowledge, information, and tools necessary to meet rising demands in STEM education. Hoping to set an example for schools across the nation, Rosarian Academy partnered with the Carnegie Science Center in 2018 in order to implement cutting-edge approaches to developing a curriculum centered around advancements in technology, engineering, and mathematics. The STEM Excellence Pathway highlights lessons in computer science, coding and robotics for students in grades K through 8.

By directly involving herself in the STEM education initiative at Rosarian Academy, Estelle Curran has enjoyed the unique opportunity of directly observing the impact of her contributions. The experience has proven so fulfilling that she hopes to become involved in more STEM education initiatives across the country. She is a strong believer in fostering a positive and productive relationship between today’s youth and technology. In Estelle Curran’s view, there is no better way to prepare the younger generation for the career paths and professional fields available to them in the 21st century.

Estelle Curran is also interested in youth science and robotics competitions. She is a firm believer in hands-on education and hopes to become actively engaged in technology-related learning opportunities available to students. She focuses her advocacy on children in grades K through 8 because she believes that modern curricula should encourage children to pursue their interests in computer science at a young age.