Steeve Bois

IT, CEO, and Web Developer in Paris, France

Steeve Bois

IT, CEO, and Web Developer in Paris, France

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Founder at : Shyne! music making app

Dear Friend

I founded Shyne!, my side project, to make it easy to create awesome music, because, we are all creative by nature.

If you want to discover how to create awesome music in few seconds only, without any musical skills, but only listening to your emotions, and putting your voice on it if you want, download it in your iPhone!

Shyne! is simply the easiest music making app in the world :)

Don't trust me, experience it!


I currently work as IT & Digital Manager at GoodPlanet Foundation (founded by Yann Arthus-Bertrand), and my last projects :

"60 solutions" a website of a book we published at the request of M. Ban Ki-Moon (United Nations) for the Climat Summit 2014 at NYC.

"HUMAN" the last movie by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, is the last big project of my co-workers. Be part of the project and say to the world what makes you human: #whatmakesushuman.


I began to play with a computer early in the 90's, passionate by so much things like martial arts, philosophy, meditation, music, etc... by life itself!

My ancestors were indians, vietnameses, africans and maybe more. I am a mix of my thoughts, of my actions, of my feelings, of my relationships and of my potential.

Living totally is being aware of what you are experiencing, with real attention. It's not thoughts or discussions but actions. Taking action listening your inner voice is difficult (at the beginning) but it's worth it!

I love helping people, do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Linked or Google Plus etc., or email me and if I can help you I will do it :)

Please, before you leave, download Shyne! in your iPhone and try it, I am sure you'll love it!

It's your time to Shyne!

Voilà ;)

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