Andrew Rowls

Andrew Rowls

I build web applications, not websites. The sites I typically work on often have high levels of functionality, and any content they have is usually user-generated. Think gmail, github, twitter, facebook -- these are all web applications. (And no, I haven't worked on any of those, specifically.)

By multi-disciplinary, I specifically mean that I can work on both frontend and backend code. "Dual-wielding," if you prefer.

For backend code, I prefer to use Django (a Python-based web framework) on a PostegreSQL database. I can also work with PHP, though it is painful and I try to avoid it. I tried Ruby on Rails once, long ago, but there was simply too much magic involved for my taste.

When coding on the frontend, I'm well-versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Though I strongly prefer jQuery to raw JavaScript, I can function in either. I also have experience using Twitter's Bootstrap (a CSS look-n-feel framework) and Backbone.js (a JavaScript-based MVC framework).

An extension of frontend development that I've had brief (albeit probably outdated) exposure to is Firefox extension development. I currently have two semi-popular extensions listed on the Mozilla Addons site, but they have been in maintenance mode since approximately the release of Firefox 4.

As part of my backend coding experiences, I've picked up some skills in Linux systems administration. I can navigate and modify Ubuntu servers with a moderate level of confidence.

I'm also a big fan of open-source software. Check out my github profile to see some of the stuff I've released.