Etienne Uzac

CEO Digital Media in New York, NY

Etienne Uzac is a highly accomplished media entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in both print and digital media. His journey across continents began when he relocated from his birthplace in Santiago, Chile, to South Africa and France. He completed his high school education in France at Lycée Stanislas Paris before pursuing higher studies at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Subsequently, Etienne made a significant move to New York. He played a pivotal role as part of the founding team of International Business Times (IBT), a digital media company incorporated in New York in 2006. IBT swiftly emerged as a prominent all-digital business news coverage provider across multiple countries. Over time, the company transformed and rebranded as IBT Media, diversifying its offerings by launching additional brands such as Medical Daily, Latin Times, and Player. One, and Fashion Times.

Building upon the growth and success achieved with IBT, Etienne led the successful acquisition of Newsweek Magazine in 2013. With a strategic relocation to Newsweek's offices in Downtown New York, Etienne and the IBT team, it has made substantial investments in Newsweek's development and growth. They assembled a high-performance executive team that revitalized the publication and paved the way for its future success. Newsweek transitioned from an e-magazine to a fully-fledged news website hosted at its original domain,, and resumed the print edition. The captivating editorial content of Newsweek gained significant attention, leading to its profitability by the end of 2014. During this period, IBT also experienced remarkable growth, bolstered by its proprietary technologies, providing a competitive advantage in digital publishing. Recognizing the importance of talented journalists, IBT attracted high-caliber professionals, resulting in numerous prestigious awards, including six SABEWs, one Izzy, and three The Drum Online Media Awards.