Eugene Hyon

Art Photographer in New York

Eugene Hyon

Art Photographer in New York

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Poet, Traveler, Art & Documentary Photographer

I am a New York City-born photographer specializing in art and urban landscapes, its relationship to the people that live in and around it, its environmental balance between nature and man-made structures. I have been involved in photography since the late 1960s with my father who was an independent commercial black & white darkroom/studio photographer.

There is "magic" in having a photographic idea with an instead narrative, and letting it materialize, then doing as many different things to it. I have watched as this transformational process takes on a life of its own.

My work has been described by others as down-to-earth, intimate, mysterious, evocative and visionary. No matter the description, I seek to turn the everyday experience into an extraordinary "non-ephemeral" moment from the very things that others take for granted.

I like working especially with black & white, because it articulates the stripped down essence of character and integrity of the world around us and is best suited in conveying nostalgia. When I use digital color, on the other hand, it captures and articulates moments in the "here and now" contemporary environment.

The most significant photographic influences have come from the works of Eugene Atget, Berenice Abbott, Andre Kertesz, Paul Strand and Irving Penn.

My other interests are in being a part of nature, writing narrative poetry, and traveling to far-flung places on the fringes of society. In poetry, I enjoy William Blake, Lewis Carroll, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, John Milton, WS Merwyn, Edgar Allen Poe, Wallace Stevens, and Walt Whitman. Of the places in the world I'm enchanted with are upstate New York, British Columbia in Canada; Iceland, India, Nepal, and Scotland.

E-mail address: [email protected]

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    • House Photographer at A Gathering of the Tribes
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    • Robert Louis Stevenson High School
    • Hunter College, CUNY, M.A. Degrees