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Eugen Spivak is a multi-award-winning author, strategic consultant, and business coach. For more than two decades, he has provided management consulting and advisory services, and coached business leaders from Fortune 100 to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Heprovides business consulting services to help our clients with the most crucial issues and business opportunities. Eugen helps bridge the gap between business strategy and execution, and focuses on improving growth and profitability for his clients.

After working with Eugen, companies:

· Become more effective, faster, and more agile

· Align costs with the growth strategy

· Become more customer and growth focused

· Improve performance and ensure your people can achieve strategic objectives

· Transform business processes to achieve exceptional business results

Eugen Spivak & Associates offer the following services:

· Strategic Planning&Strategy Coaching

· Portfolio Management - portfolio review, audit, and improvement

· Program Management - program audit, planning and program recovery

· Project Management Office - PMO implementation, audit, consulting and training

· Business Coaching - executive, leadership, and objective-specific coaching

· Marketing Consulting - marketing consultant to help you grow your company

What can you expect from working with Eugen?

✔You get an equivalent of the team of professionals with extensive experience in a dozen industries, who have successfully delivered more than 25 types of initiatives.
✔ Turnaround artist who can turn your failing or failed program into a success story.
✔More than 20 years of management consulting expertise, advising and coaching clients from the Fortune 100 to Small and Medium Enterprises.

✔ Experience with defining governance and business decision-making for multi-billion portfolios, and managing initiatives with the budget over 60 million dollars.
✔An end-to-end approach that leaves no stone unturned at the enterprise level.

When we work together, you receive:
✔ Direct and objective feedback that helps you and your business improve.
✔Extremely practical and highly specific recommendations that show you a way to achieve your goals faster and easier.
✔ Recommendations that work for you in the long run and bring you lasting benefits.
✔Customized and highly individualized recommendations.

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