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Curaçao is often called "a little piece of Holland in the Caribbean" due to its Dutch colonial architecture and long historical ties to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Its beauty and colorful spirit are well captured in Europcar banner, which is a painting by the acclaimed Dutch artist Fred Breebart, who was born in Harlem in the Netherlands but spent a significant part of his youth in Curaçao. The 'technicolor' results of his love affair with the splendor of the island can be enjoyed and purchased on its website.

At the car rental agency Europcar-Curaçao, its service is not limited to premium car rental; they also provide premium information and service. Curaçao is best discovered by car. Once you land at Hato de Curaçao International Airport, the friendly staff at Europcar Curaçao will make sure you get underway as soon as possible.

You need a car to make the most of your visit to Curaçao, where traffic rules originate from the Dutch colonial era. They drive on the right and the traffic symbols are very similar to those that appear in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

But the most important thing to remember is that this is an island in the tropics and, although there are road rules, there are also road rulers, who make their own interpretation of the proper traffic rules. So the best advice is to take it easy and watch out for drivers in all directions. And ask the agency about additional insurance options.

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