Evan Lowe

Hey everybody, my name is Evan and I was born and raised in Aurora, Colorado. Currently I am a graduate student at Colorado State University working my on masters degree for social work. There are many things in this world that bring me joy; my family, my friends, music, and comic books. Currently I am an author for a fantastic website/blog called Hush Comics. Mixing two of my love (music and comics), I write articles comparing and analyzing hip-hop lyrics that have comic book references. We like to call this article Diggin' Through the Crates.
Even through hip-hop is my first love and have been fully invested in that world since I was a kid, comic books are still fairly new to my life. I've only started reading them within the past two years, but they are quickly becoming a past time of mine. What I truly love about both hip-hop and comics is that they are not only ways to express the thoughts and feelings of individuals but they are both forms of media able to speak upon the happenings of greater society, as well as develop new forms of culture and change. Hush has given me the opportunity to share that message.
Because I've only been into comics for the past couple years, I often feel that lots of life long fans and comic stores discount me as a fan. However, Hush has always shown love, they make it okay for you to love what you love and not feel ashamed about it no matter how long you've loved it. For me that came in the form of a 9 ft tall, 1,400 pound rage monster wearing purple pants. I love the hulk and almost everything about the character. I love the power, emotion, and intelligence behind this character. Intelligence of course coming from Bruce Banner. Hush has taught me to love what you love, and don't let anyone take it away from you, because, "HULK IS NOT AFRAID...HULK IS STRONGEST ONE THEIR IS!!!"