Eve Flanigan

Writer and Instructor in New Mexico

Hi, I'm Eve, and I love teaching people the skills of shooting and the art of living armed.

My book, Ready To Defend: Tips for the Armed Lifestyle, is available at major booksellers.

As a licensed instructor and practitioner of concealed carry and armed security, I am interested in connecting with new opportunities as a student or instructor.

Much of my time is spent writing for the gun industry as a freelancer. You can find instructional articles and gun/gear reviews in many national print and online outlets. Have a new bit of kit or gun you'd like to see reviewed? Let's talk.

I believe victim status is a choice. My path has been to live a life that reflects that belief. In some cases, I've inspired others to do the same. That, to me, is success.

  • Work
    • Instruction in firearms safety and use
  • Education
    • Walden University
    • Pennsylvania State University