Eve Dmochowska

I am an entrepreneur, a writer, a mother, a friend.

I'm not a cook, a wife, a philanthropist, a lady of leisure or a fool.

I am busy. Very busy. I run a number of sites and projects, and am always thinking up something new. I see opportunities, I grab them. I fail, often. I also, thank goodness, succeed.

I love to meet new people, network and connect with them and amongst them. You can write to me (email address below) if you have a business opportunity, an idea, a need for a mentor (I can probably hook you up with someone) or want to just vent. I can take it.

At the heart of my soul, I am a strategist. Usually, I apply that to the web space, but am equally comfortable strategising offline projects. I am a realist, and rarely buy into the hype. I will deflate your balloon of false expectations, and thus save you a bundle of money.

My latest project is www.LegalZone.co.za. It connects lawyers with new clients, and is the first truly searchable database of South African lawyers.

I've been featured in or written for CNBC, BBC, various radio stations, Mail and Guardian "Women of the Year" book, ITWeb, Thought Leader, Daily Maverick, O Magazine, Ideas, and more. I've spoken at Tech4Africa, SxSW, corporate functions and have mc'd conferences.

I am always thrilled to get in touch with like minded people to chat and share ideas.

Email me on [email protected] or connect on www.linkedin.com/in/evedmochowska