Photographer in Paris, France


Photographer in Paris, France

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Architecture and flowers: a city idyll

Walking, strolling, wandering for hours, days or months even years around cities (here Paris) to chase the urban writings for my photo-collages is not enough any more. To look up became a necessity, to scrutinize the heights an obsession.

Up there prevails a different world from the one on the sidewalks. Chimneys, turrets, antennas stand. Terraces on which we would willingly have a drink spread out. Without taking into account the shambles of bull's-eyes, dormers, pipes, bars, ladders from which by any chance a bird will fly off. Hardly higher the wavy lines of airplanes dream to escape.

Opposites have my preference. When flowers marry concrete. Disagreement match. Contrasts enhance one another:

Finally because I love all flowers being wild flowers, from the forests, found in lost islands in the Pacific or perched in the Andean Cordillera. @evelynechevallier.com


Born in France. Bachelor in Sociology from Paris X University.

Evelyne Chevallier has worked for 20 years in the field of photography as a producer, as the head of a picture department in the press, as a journalist, as an iconographer…

In 2010, after a trip to Northern Argentina, Chevallier decided to settle down there for 1/2 time. Facing the Andes, she was fascinated by such powerful nature. But the solitude inherent to this life in the desert, plus the discovery of the local graffiti pushed her to look for a loophole: digital collage was the solution. A work of passion that has become a permanent job, which she initiated in Argentina, has followed its way to France, New York, Canada and Spain so far.

Since 2012, Evelyn Chevallier had shows in Argentina, Japan, and France.