Evelyn Torres

As a Life Coach, I empower people to break their 'invisible walls" by showing them how to focus on their strengths and talents, and helping them to create a plan of action to achieve their goals and dreams.....

You will go FROM WHERE YOU ARE TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE, and my job will be to provide you with the tools so you can discover the path on your own.... your unique Purpose.

Many people confronting difficulties in their lives need guidance, so they become aware of their path to confidence and empowerment. Many of our limiting beliefs are the barrier to our growth on all aspects of our lives. I believe that everyone has the ability to create amazing things in their own lives and in this world. Once they understand that, the possibilities are endless.

My Life's Purpose message is: Inspire people to come up with their own solutions! Be respectful for each individual's journey, to be encouraging and positive to all I come into contact with and to be grateful for all the amazing people and lessons I have attracted into my life.

As a mother, wife, and entrepreneur for 17 years, I understand how hard it is to balance your professional, family and spiritual life. By being the change I wish to see, I will allow others to know what is possible.

That's what I call AwarenessWisdom

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