Evgeniy S. Solovyov


Do you need help with Technologie, with your Projects, with Products or Team?

I can help. I can help you make your processes more effective and reliable. I can help you get the results faster and avoid some pain. I help teams do their jobs better and clients get highest value from predictable development process.

I build systems and architectures, deliver infrastructure and develop strategy of project grow.

I am practical Ruby developer who knows how the things have to be done in most efficient and reliable way.

I am practical project manager who worked with dev teams of various sizes and curated their interaction with other departments, organizing development and support flow of products.

Earlier, I was head of Regional IT Department in FUIB. Starting from single IT engineer i've build a set of Bank devisions in several cities using thin-client architecture and made it highly reliable for bank clients. The IT department team was grown from 2 to 6 persons which means effective usage of resources to manage all those devisions.

Now I am a project manager in Gera-IT team. We are building Web and Mobile apps and we do it well.

We help our clients just be happy when their projects done, working and growing.

As one of our projects I was the leader of Storyful dev team and we built very solid tool who is used by most famous news companies right now. It also provides an easy way to curate huge amounts of information from wide range of Social Networks. And everything with high availability to customers + fast growing functionality.

And lots more.

So if you already have some issues with existing projects or you are going to build something brand new - please ask - we will do our best to help you.

Contact me on +38066 552 63 09 or on Skype: lunsher.

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