Erik vonBartheld

Myrtle Beach, SC

Owner of Impact Imaging - Myrtle Beach.

I am New Yorker who lived in Utah, and now settled back on the east coast in Myrtle Beach, SC.

By day I am a web app developer & in every other spare moment I am a Freelance Photographer. I ran a photography studio here in Myrtle where I learned a ton and collaborated with some really talented people from all over. My next phase is to continue my journey doing scenic, lifestyle & portrait photography to see where that will take me.

I'm a proud techno-geek, gadget nerd & doing my best to be a cord cutter and watch a lot of I've done a lot of traveling, but at all times I'm down for a road trip to pretty much go anywhere new.

Feel free to make contact in any of the various forms above or below.