Eric Weinberger

President, Head of Broadcast, and Executive Producer in Rye, NY

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Eric Weinberger's involvement with Ring City USA revolves around producing boxing content. This includes live weekly boxing events broadcasted on the NBC Sports Network and Twitch and exclusive interviews, analysis, and news coverage.

Throughout his illustrious career, Weinberger has held notable positions in the media industry. He began his journey at the NFL Network in 2003 as a coordinating producer for NFL Total Asset, subsequently earning a promotion to executive producer in 2006. In this role, he oversaw major programs like Thursday Night Football, NFL Gameday, and Redzone, as well as talent management, production staffing, and programming content. Weinberger spearheaded the coverage of significant events such as Super Bowl Week, the NFL Scouting Combine, the NFL Red Carpet, and the NFL Draft.

Before his tenure at the NFL Network, Weinberger served as the senior producer for Fox Sports' renowned show, Best Damn Sports Show Period. He also produced The Keith Olbermann Evening News from September 2000 to May 2001.

After his notable contributions to Fox Sports and the NFL Network, Weinberger assumed the role of president at Bill Simmons Media Group, a prominent digital company, and executive director at HBO. He oversaw operations, budgets, staffing, and content distribution in these positions. Notably, Weinberger served as an executive producer for the Game of Thrones after-show, After The Thrones, and in 2017, he forged a partnership between The Ringer and Twitter for the Game of Thrones after-show, Talk The Thrones.

Weinberger's media leadership is underpinned by a wide range of skills encompassing three primary areas, further enhancing his expertise and contributions to the industry.

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