Art Costello

Author, Speaker, Life Coach in Austin, Texas

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Art developed his book, Expectation Therapy, through his vast life experiences. A lifelong visionary, his journey toward faith began as a young boy, at a time when he needed it most. That faith carried him through the Vietnam War, where he served as a teenager. The strength and loyalty that were instilled in him in the Marine Corp have remained with him to this day, guiding his decisions.The individuals Art has encountered in his full life have given him a unique perspective on expectations and human nature. Working with everyone from mental health patients to rock and roll musicians has proven that we are all the same underneath. Living moment to moment, searching for meaning in our existence and hopefully making the most of it all. Expectation Therapy will help us all achieve our highest potential during that existence. Setting the bar as high as we can reach, holding humanity accountable for greatness.

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