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Gaining the Upper Hand on Normal Wear and Tear with Routine Home Inspections

All aspects of a home work in unison with one another to maintain a safe, stable environment for those living within. While no structure is perfect, some hold more problems than others. Uncovering these in advance can aid in deciding against making a real estate purchase or establishing a solid plan for saving for repair needs in the future. For current homeowners, a SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION can help ensure a property remains in good condition and market-ready should selling become a consideration at some point.One small concern in or around a home has the potential to grow into a major problem if not kept in check. A single curled or missing shingle allows water to seep inside the attic. Though this could go unnoticed for years, it could eventually develop into a serious leak complete with decayed support beams and widespread mold growth. This might also extend to the walls and floors.Exterior drainage is an element often overlooked by homeowners. A clogged or broken gutter could allow rainwater to flow underneath flashings or between siding and external walls. At the same time, improperly positioned downspouts could lead to soil erosion, ultimately resulting in foundation damage. Along those same lines, any water not being directed away from the home can find its way into the basement where a great deal of destruction could ensue.If the foundation begins to settle more than normal, the entire structure becomes increasingly unstable; furthermore, this could impact other systems in the home. During the construction process, pipes are installed in an intricate and exacting pattern to allow fresh water to enter the home while gray and black water are taken safely back out to the septic tank or public treatment facility. A foundation shift also means deviation of the walls, placing excess stress on those pipes.From there, leaks may begin to form Windows, gradually increasing in magnitude until the homeowner is left with a completely inoperable system. Should those leaks work their way into the electrical wiring, an even greater issue lies at hand. Though this would be an extreme case, routine inspections can help keep a weak spot on the roof or the need for upgraded outside electrical ou