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The players of the study were 4 victims of CLL, the most common kind of blood cancer, who were being given drugs containing green tea extract epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). Following a certain period of time, a decrease in malignant cells within their bodies was observed. 3 of the 4 patients stated improved reaction to treatment and one had improved white blood cell count. One individual whose lymph nodes had swelled up up decreased in size after she started taking green tea pills.

Earlier in the day in 2004, the same group of scientists, led by Dr Tait Shanafelt, had performed a laboratory research of the effect of EGCG on leukemia cells. The results were published in a 2004 edition of the journal Blood. It'd been found that the green tea extract killed the leukemia cells. The ability of these individuals gives some idea that our previously published laboratory findings could possibly result in clinical consequences for patients with the disease, D-r Shanafelt said.

Green tea extract has long been thought to have cancer-prevention capabilities. Visit internet garcinia cambogia extract to explore the purpose of this thing. It is fascinating that research has become showing this agent may possibly provide new expect CLL patients, Dr Shanafelt included. Up to now, no treatment is found for CLL, a malignancy that always goals people over 55 years old. Based on Doctor Shanafelt, further studies are essential for establishing the exact process and effect and the amount of the extract that's maximum.

We do not know how many patients were getting similar items and failed to have any advantage. We also don't yet know the optimal amount that should be utilized, the fre-quency with which people should simply take the medicine, and what side effects will be seen with long-term administration, he said. The hematologist has become developing an EGCG capsule for that US National Cancer Institute to learn whether the extract may be used-to treat patients with CLL. In the event people want to be taught extra information on, we recommend tons of online resources you should investigate.

The medical fraternity expressed optimism in the outcomes of the analysis, but felt that it might be too soon to observe. We learned about