Mahalograph Photography (Ron Boger)

Nurse and Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio

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My name is Ron Boger and I am CAPTIVATED with shooting moments in time with my smartphone! Yes, my phone. I decided in 2011 that my phone camera could be used every day to shoot some pretty cool things around me in my home state of Ohio. Landscapes, buildings, animals, people, food, the list was endless. Then something else happened. As the years (and technology) advanced, the smartphone I used got better and so did the photos. I was seeing images comparable to what I shot with my DSLR, with some exception. I couldn’t zoom in with my telephoto lens; I had to walk closer to my subject, thus helping me reach my 10,000 step-a-day goal!

Visit You will find a gallery of art and photo-based deco products PLUS get inspired with visual designing ideas. Awesome! I would like to offer you items that transform bare walls into visually stimulating canvases.