Eytan Baer

In 2013, Eytan Baer received a bronze medal for shot put at the Vermont State Championship track and field games for high school students in Division I. As a student at Vermont’s St. Johnsbury Academy, Eytan Baer attends a co-educational private school that offers a wide array of winter and summer sports programs. His other athletic interests include Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other martial arts, alpine skiing, scuba diving, football, and downhill biking. In 2010, he finished second in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the Swiss Championships. He has received certification in wind tunnel flying, one of his favorite pursuits.

Born in Israel, Eytan Baer has also lived in Switzerland and is exceptionally well-traveled. He has spent time in Denmark, Greece, Italy, Austria, Thailand, and South Africa. The Louvre in Paris is among his favorite places. He has gone scuba diving near an island off the coast of Mozambique, climbed a glacier in Iceland, and navigated the Atlas Mountains of Morocco by donkey.

After high school graduation, Eytan Baer plans to study event management at a University in North Carolina.