Felipe Meza

Electronic Engineer and Scientific Reasearcher in Costa Rica

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Felipe, a resident of the beautiful Costa Rica, is a multifaceted individual with a profound passion for Technology and Science. As an Electronic Engineer and Astrophysics, his interests span a diverse spectrum, including the fields of Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Scientific Programming, Machine Learning, Astronomy and the fascinating domain of Artificial Intelligence.

Currently embarking on the journey of a PhD in Engineering as Candidate, Felipe's focus his research on the science of space weather predictions and automation, using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Digital Signal Processing.

His academic journey is rich of educational achievements. He holds the prestigious title of MSC in Electronics Engineering in DSP, a captivating MAA in Astrophysics and Astronomy, an insightful MBA in Business Administration, and the distinction of MTS, Master of Philosophy.

Beyond his scholarly pursuits, Felipe finds inspiration in the pages of literature, cultivating a profound appreciation for the power of storytelling. Additionally, during his free time, he enjoys running and biking, traversing the scenic landscapes that adorn his beloved Costa Rica.