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Fábio Póvoa

Venture capitalist in State of São Paulo, Brazil

Fábio Póvoa

Venture capitalist in State of São Paulo, Brazil

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With a Computer Engineering degree from Unicamp and an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas, I am a seasoned entrepreneur, educator and investor.

I co-founded of Movile, one of Brazil’s major startup success cases and a global leader in mobile commerce with important investments in content distribution platforms and Online-To-Offline (O2O) applications in the segments of children's education and other mobile content, food delivery, ticketing and cloud logistics.

In the Silicon Valley, I learned about the Lean Startup and Customer Discovery methodology from its creator and serial entrepreneur, Steve Blank. I was first a student, then an entrepreneur in residence, and finally a certified educator.

Upon returning to Brazil, I led the Market Intelligence and Strategy unit at Promon’s telco arm, Tropico, and was invited to be a visiting professor at the Unicamp's Institute of Computing. I led the very first Lean Startup and Entrepreneurship course within the Computer Science and Engineering curricula.

I have also shared my angel investing practice and lessons in an Angel Investing course aimed at educating high net worth professionals on how to analyze, engage, add value to, invest in and profit from early stage opportunities.

Since selling my stake at Movile in 2014, I have been an active venture capital investor, with a smart money approach by infusing money, strategic advice, hands-on experience, networking, and growth traction experiments into the brains of the handpicked and most promising Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Check out my angel investing manifesto, my startup portifolio and a sample of a round led by me (Abroaders, investment deck and thesis).