Musician in the Czech Republic

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chip music composer | pixel graphics artist | graphics and web designer | old computers lover | demoscener | lame oldskool coder | blogger and article writer

I started making chiptunes in about 1990 on the ZX Spectrum 48K. It has a 1-bit sound abilities. One can also connect an AY interface for 3-channel 4-bit music, the same AY chip contains the ZX Spectrum 128 which I made most musics for. I also use the Commodore 64 with SID sound synthesizer for chiptunes. I did also some Gameboy tracks as well as Atari XL/XE, Atari ST (on YM chip), Amstrad/Schneider CPC (AY chip) and sampled tracks on Amiga. Having experiences on AY Riders' concerts I sometimes do live chiptune gigs, usually playing the chiptunes from the real hardware and eventually jamming to them on old electronic toy-keyboards or other 8-bit computers.

My software/hardware usually are:
- SQ-Tracker on ZX Spectrum 128 (AY)
- Beepola on ZX Spectrum 48 (1-bit)
- TFX 2.8 on Commodore 64 (SID)
- Raster Music Tracker on Atari XL/XE (POKEY)
- StarKos on Amstrad CPC 6128 (AY)
- ProTracker on Atari 520ST+ (YM - digital music)
- MusicMon on Atari 520ST+ (YM - chiptunes)
- ProTracker on Amiga 1200/600/500 (PAULA)
and many others

If you organize a chiptune concert, let me know. I'm operating mostly in Prague, CZ. I can make about 30-60 minutes chiptunes show using real 8-bit/16-bit machines (no emulation) + some keyboard instrument jamming. Your own audio system+cables, ev. VJ system is needed (I can provide a video file with 8-bit ZX Spectrum graphical content for a VJ purposes).