fadra nally


Inspired by life.

After finding myself in the unemployment line for the second time in two years, I started a blog in 2009 as a way to showcase my writing so I could get a "real job." I soon discovered that life behind a keyboard beats a corner window office any day of the week.

Now appearing several times a week at my blog All Things Fadra where I write about marketing, travel, pets, family, cars, kids, social media, and everything else that falls under the category of Life.

You'll also find me working over at SheBuysCars, a site about women, cars, and their lifestyle. A self-proclaimed "chick who digs cars," I've long been a fan of aesthetics over mechanics and love to write about shiny new things.

When I'm not looking for an excuse to buy or drive a new car, I spend my time writing, blogging, and vlogging all over the internet.

And when I'm not online, which is rare, I try to do good in the world, in my neighborhood, and in my family of one kid, one husband, two dog and two cats.