Fahima Anwar

Fahima was born in a family of entrepreneurs who believed passionately that building your own path is just as, if not more, exhilerating. She has used this experience to build a successful career in business operations, and strategy.

She spends her days as a business operations consultant working with promising entrepreneurs at the earliest stages providing hands-on management support, and guiding companies through the challenges of early growth.

She also sits on numerous Boards of Directors, holding various positions ranging from President, VP, and Fundraising Chair. She is also the co-founder of DefineTO, a non-profit fundraising organization spotlighting various local Toronto charities.

When she has a free moment or two, she can be found at any live sporting event, writing about finance, or wandering the streets of whichever city she found a flight for. Sometimes all 3 at the same time. Travel, sports, and building community are her passions. Her car is a distant fourth.