Faisal Kapadia

Faisal Kapadia

Imaginaut, Writer, Explorer, Entrepreneur, Social activist & Cultural critic

FK believes in working against the tides of corruption, negativity & exploitation that threaten to engulf his country Pakistan.

Using new media platforms like Mindmap communications, where he creates and implements online advocacy campaigns to bring up issues demanding change. He also takes a hands on approach whenever the situation demands I.e Organizing Flood relief 2010 and helping form Sarelief which is a crowd sourcing success story having collected USD 256,000 in eight months online.

His podcasting/videocasting career started from "The Laidbackshow" Which was awarded best podcast from Pakistan in the 2010 Cio/Google Blog awards. In total he has since then hosted three more videocast/podcast series, i.e "The out of bounds show" (48 episodes) "Tashadud namanzur" (10 episodes) "Aaj ka vote kal ka pakistan" (10 episodes)

He usually blogs at his personal portal along with Global voices, Express tribune blogs and Futurechallenges. In the mainstream press he currently writes on and off for the Express tribune, The dailytimes & The Friday times