CJ 'Faithy' Kirksey

admin assistant, technician, and wellness advocate in Oshkosh, WI

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My name is Carol, but in the online world, I'm known as Faithy. I'm 37 years old now, and was born in California, but raised in Kansas. I spent 5 years living in Oregon, but am currently living in Wisconsin. With friends and family everywhere, I just like to think of myself as a citizen of the world. (Although truth be told, my heart longs to live somewhere as gorgeous as the Pacific Northwest again.)

I'm a total dork, and proud of it. I love a lot of nerdy, geeky, cheesy, and stupid things, and I love to learn and laugh. Dad jokes are the best. Silly people make my heart happy. (People who know me love that I laugh so easily at things that others might be more likely to roll their eyes at - it keeps things fun for everyone!) I also love long, deep, thoughtful conversations about life, the universe, and everything. I love all kinds of music, books, tv shows, movies, and video games. My list of favorites for any of these categories is monumental. Want to know more? Ask.

I'm still looking for that one profound reason that I'm here. I have always wanted to find a way to make changes to the world for the better, somehow, someday. Maybe it will be through a piece of artwork I'll create, or a poem I'll write, or a lesson in kindness that I can share? It could just be through being that friendly ear to listen and/or the supportive shoulder to cry on for someone far more important than me. Or maybe it could be through my memoir about my struggles with mental illness that I began writing in November 2019. Time will tell.

Ask me anything! My life is pretty much an open book, and I'm always willing to share my stories. You'd be surprised of all the things I know, the vast number of things I'm interested in, all that I've been through, and how much of it I'm open to talking about.

[Last update October 7, 2020]

  • Work
    • Trescal, Inc. / doTERRA
  • Education
    • New Directions Learning Academy
    • Hope Street Academy
    • Topeka High School
    • Chase Middle School
    • Lundgren Elementary