It me, Cass! I'm a professional shower singer & LGBT supporter! (i literally have no respect for homophobes)

DiCaprio Stan/Worshiper, overly obsessive & delusional fangirl.

Troyler & CrissColfer are my ultimate OTPs!

Dianna Agron take over all of my life and i'm not uncomfortable with it^^

Socially awkward person who finds comfort in internet, series, music, youtubers, and coffee.

I'm not an actor, baker or a candlestick maker but I'm a fangirl who dedicates her life to her favourite celebrities and TV shows.

Money can't buy hapiness but it can buy Green Day, Arctic Monkeys, Placebo, Avenged Sevenfold, The Nbhd, BMTH, BVB, Three Days Grace, Coldplay, Simple Plan & Linkin Park concert tickets, and that's better.

Drugs took away my worlds sunshines: #RIPCoryMonteith #RIPJimmySullivan

Fav Quote: "Don't let your mouth get you into something your ass can't handle." -Leonardo DiCaprio.

Sarcasm is my only defence :) x