Cadence Guo

Student in Canada

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Junior at the University of Toronto, studying Computer Engineering. I like to learn, do and make things. I also have a knack for knowing where the (free) food is, with plans on making an app to reduce event-based food waste.

I also like to lead and to get people involved in extracurriculars (because that's half the fun of university!) I currently volunteer with the Engineering Student Recruitment and Retention Office to promote engineering as a program and profession to high school students.

I was previously involved as an executive member of Skule™'s Got Talent, the Club for Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering, the F!rosh Week 1T4 Orientation Committee and the Iron Dragons dragonboat team.

Due to a shoulder injury, I'll be sticking with Intramural Ultimate Frisbee on the Engineering Skule™ B team this year.

On the list of ten female students to watch at U of T!

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