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News Reports: Murder of Miss Venezuela and her husband.

On January 6th of this year, the Miss Universe Monica Spears, who was 29 years old and Her Irish husband Thomas Henry Berry, who was 30 years old, were assassinated facing their daughter who is 5 years old. The murder occurred when they suffered a mishap on the road in center of the country of Venezuela, this forced them to stop at the road and seek the assistance of a crane. At that moment a group of assailants took advantage to intimidate them so that they could steal their car. Then, attackers fired at the vehicle and they killed the couple and injured the girl. The girl had a wound his left leg owing to the attack and after the death of his parents; she was to live with her grandfather, Rafael Spear, in Orlando, United States. Nelfren Jiménez, José Gregorio Ferreira and 10 more involved are the authors of the crime, for this reason, they were accused by the Venezuelan justice of intentional homicide with grade of frustration, obstruction of the way, conspiracy and aggravated robbery. Finally, Jean Carlos Colina was also charged for the same crimes and additionally he was accused by removing parts vehicle which was owned of the model.

Complaining Entries: Transmilenio, torture for the citizens

Daily, Transmilenio has become a torture for the citizens of Bogotá. This is the most used way of transportation that we can use to go from side to side. However, the problem is not the massiveness, but the lack of culture of the people. For example, in the moment where the doors get open for entering, the users transform the entrance in a battle for getting a seat, or at least, to enter, because no one wants to be late to their liabilites. One of the solutions that, in my opinion, could work to make this service useful and effective is to improve the control at the moment to make the line in the entrance. Nonetheless, because of the lack of culture in Colombia this would not be a good plan. It would be more viable if more buses will work so that users don’t have to wait between 5 and 10 minutes for the Transmilenio that they have to board. Then, why it is a good idea? Because more busses and a correct coordination between them could make a better distribution of the people who pile up in the stations or the portals. Other problems that have become a fear

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