My name's Francesca, i'm 16 and I live in a little town near Milano. I attend a technical insitute trade, I like studying and I'd like to become a business consultant. I'm a person a little touchy, introverted and not very outgoing, but if I fond and if I trust to the right people I can be nice, kind and sweet.
My greatest passion is the music. I listening to all kinds of it, but above all I love pop music. My favorites are Lady Gaga, Cher Lloyd, Cody Simpson, Austin Mahone and One Direction. My role model is Selena Gomez, I love her so much and I really hope that one day I meet her.

I also love watching film and telefilm. My favourite film are Titanic, Grease, the Harry Potter saga and other. My favourite telefilms are Gossip Girl, Awkward, Pretty Little Liars, Mercy and other.

That's me.