Fanny Herdina

Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan

Fanny is a mother of Genta (born at Aug 2009) and a wife of Anton, her best friend at college. She has unique life path. She shares stories of her life on her personal blog.

Fanny has been working very closely with people as Human Resources Professional since 2002. Her deep concern on people development brings her to ONE CONCLUSION.

If you want to have GREAT TALENT, you have to search it at HOME.

All the experience has brought Fanny to firm understanding that talent starts with education. And education starts from HOME.

This basic view then lead her to take PARENTING & EDUCATION seriously. She has recently given up the license of TUMBLE TOTS Bintaro Jaya for personal reason. And now is looking for a better match children-friendly business opportunity.

She is also a HYPNOPARENTING trainer, who helps a lot of parents understanding an alternative way to communicate better with their kids. Her phenomenal book KEEP THE TIGER IN THE CLOSET, gives new perspective for parents. Using a touch of NLP, splash of hypnosis and wrapped up by psychology; the book is a real living "911" for parents.

Fanny now likes to share her thoughts through blogs or twitter (@fannyherdina).

PS. She spends most of her time at home, playing dough or sticker-book with Genta.