Fanny Larsson


Fanny Larsson


Hi there!

I'm born and raised in Stockholm and since 5 years I've studied and learned the benefits of yoga and meditation practice for the human mind and body. My knowledge covers both practice and theory, anatomy, breathingtecniques, meditation and mindfullness.

I offer:

Office yoga where I guide your employees through a mindful slow yoga session specially designed to suit the office environment and decrease stress and increase focus.

Private yogawhere I come to your home and guide you through specially designes program for your needs and goals.


Yoga teachertraining 200 hrs, Spain

Anathomy of Hatha Yoga, Sweden

Physiology of Hatha Yoga, Bali

Breathing techniques (pranayama), Spain, Sweden

Breathing techniques for freediving, Bali

Yinyoga course/workshop, Bali

Acroyoga, Bali, Sweden

Guidied meditationcourse, Sweden

Meditationtecniques for freedivers

Yoga/Meditation course the Dr Bali method, Peru

Freediving level 1, Bali

Freediving level 2, Bali

Meditation course, Cuba

I've worked and teached in different yogastudios, yoga retreats, gyms and hotels/lodges in Sweden, Spain, Bali, Costa Rica, Panama and Ecuador.

The classes I give are both group and private sessions. Some of the clients I've guided within the yoga and meditation practice are athletes like ATP tennis players, triathlon, surf teams and horse riders. My experience also covers yoga practice for eating disorders and stress related symptoms.

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