Charlie Davis

I was adopted in 1996 by an awesome family. I am an only child and im cool with with being an only child. I have a dog now, but I used to have two other but they died of old age. My adopted parents are great to me. my mom is from North Carlinea. She used to have 2 sister and a brother, but one of the sisters died recently of bad health after an waight loss sergery. My mom is a gental sole and I love that. my Dad is from a lot of places because he moved a lot. He has 4 sibling three two bro, 2 sis. my dad is a quiet person when comes to interacting with other people. I don't know why but he is cool when. you get to know him.

I honestly don't know very much about my birth family besides that I do have an sister but she was also adopted too. saddly I don't know her and she doesn't know me.

I really enjoy hip hop dancing, playing airsoft and laser tag, shoot paintballs, and I am a gamer. I went to E3 2012 and hung out with Tobuscus. I have been in 2 dance crews: the Rejects and the Melbourne Shuffle Crew. Now I just started doing freerunning and rock climbing there a lot of places in Down Town Orlando to free run. the cool thing is theres a new rock climbing place near my school.

I am a person with so many personalities. People say I'm a good kid, but sometimes it's hard for me to agree. Most of those people are at my church. I guess they think that because they saw me grow up there. I love nature and the smell of things in nature. Like the smell of the Alpine Meadows during the winter. I love the cold rushing against my face and the feel of snow when I snowboard. I also love the smell of maple trees when I go camping. Sadly people have to die that the way of life. people need to live your life like you were dieing that called an bucket list. Some people have a bucket list. The two thing on my bucket list. I want to do a stunt where you catch on fire. The other thing is go on every roller coaster on the earth.

Most of the time I believe in jesus, but I sometime I question my beliefs