Radek Dvořák


Hi. My name is Radek Dvořák. I was born on 16th September 1997 in Nové Město. I have got one borther and two dogs. My brother study in Polička. We are one happy family.

My favourite color is black. I love music ( metal forever :-) ). I play Pc games. My favourite is Guild Wars 2. I play sports and sometimes I draw something. I like watching sports in TV with my father.

I live in Jimramov. It is not i big town, but it is not a small villiage too. So it is something between it.

I studied in the primary school in Jimramov. I meet i lot of good people there, but now (since nine class) I study in Gymnasium Vincence Makovského in Nové Město na Moravě. I study Art school, too. This Art school I study since eight class.

  • Education
    • Základní škola, Jimramov
    • Gymnázium Vincence Makovského, Nevé Město na Moravě
    • Základní umělecká škola Bohuslava Martinů, Polička