Alfred van Kuik

Emmen, Netherlands

I'm Alfred van Kuik from the Netherlands. While writing this I am nearing the age of 21, making me 20 at the moment. I'm an entrepreneur, car enthusiast, music lover and writer. Proud founder of, a social network for car enthusiasts that is still WIP. My pride and joy is a 1992 Mazda MX-5.

I was said to be very smart when I was younger. Smartest in my class, even. I did real well in primary school, when life was simpler. Things changed soon enough. When I went to high school I couldn't find the motivation to actually work hard for it anymore. It seemed a bit useless to me. I was bullied, I felt unhappy and I wanted to quit. But I couldn't, so I kept going, even though I was kicked out of one of my first school for failing too many classes. Went on to the next one, got my diploma with some great grades. People had lost faith in me, and I discovered that day how fun it can be to prove them wrong.

Since a very young age I have loved writing. I suck at talking, but when I have a pen and paper (or a keyboard these days) I can properly express myself with words. I love writing stories, blogs, articles and even bio's like this. Hell, I wish we still lived in an age where love letters were an accepted format! Maybe then I'd have some succes with the ladies.

My dream of becoming an entrepreneur started when I was about 19 years old. I had just gone through two jobs in a very small period of time, and I hated them both. One of them was just a horrible job, but the other was actually quite good. Great co-workers, brilliant paycheck for my age, pretty decent work... But I still hated it! And then I discovered; I just hate jobs! I can't stand working for somebody except myself! I had always had ideas, but I never acted on them. When I quit that second job, I decided to change that. I founded AutoSocial, which will hopefully launch soon.

So far being an entrepreneur has been the greatest time of my life. I love what I do, and thus I am happier than I have ever been. Yes, it is hard, and yes, it takes more work than it might seem from the outside. But in a few years it will be worth it, because I will never have to work for anyone buy myself ever again.

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    • CEO at AutoSocial
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    • HAVO