Ed Treagus-Stansmore

I'm a part-time philanthropist, a glorious ex-actor, and un-sung writer of the highest calibre...

In slightly less embellished words, I’m an unemployed graduate, creating a veritable tornado
of manuscript pages in a hope of finding someone who ‘gets’ them, whilst being forced to
live off of raw sugar puffs (yes I said ‘raw’), and dream of a rickety little cottage where I sit high
up in the rafters and endlessly bash away on a typewriter while drinking vast amounts of
Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot.

I am Ed, a student of Drama for 4 years and of 'Film, TV and Cultural Studies' for 4 years. I have just graduated with a 2:1, a head full of possibly unachievable dreams (including one of owning a windmill/lighthouse), an eager pen-hand and a much more rotund belly than I would have expected.

This is my somewhat rambling biography (which may possibly be making you dial the third successive ‘9’ that inevitably leads to my arrest and incarceration in a padded room).

But I implore you, see what I have to offer. I’ve worked a small amount in radio, I write, I can act,
I’m quite funny in both a ‘ha-ha’ and ‘smile politely and shuffle away’ kind of way, and I’m keen.

I write things. Several novels of different genres, plays, I have a few film ideas and several more TV shows I’d love to pen. I edited a bi-weekly newspaper at University - The Pendle Witch (links below)

Read my manuscript. It might make you laugh. If it does not – I challenge you to find me
one person in the modern world who doesn't LOVE using a shredder.

email: treagus-stansmore@hotmail.co.uk

Pendle Witch:

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