Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

We used to play pretend.. we used to play pretend... money..

As I am connect to the depth of who I am .. I daydream about going back in time..Back to the days of childhood.. when playing with life and exploring the endless possibilities was what life was all about.

Those days we knew our innate birth-right.. when dreaming and creating a world of fantasy of our wildest imaginations was reality.. where this matrix was only a game.. we molded out of creative expression !

Life can be this way if chose .. we can make up our game.. we can rewrite our stories .. into a film we actually will be thrilled to watch and be enthralled about the reflection we are watching.. of ourselves..loving the main!

So my mission is be a facilitator.. my passion is to foster generations of children to never sacrifice who they are to survive in this world.. helping nurture them to rise to their greatest potential. I am being called to start a non-profit center for for gifted children, those spiritually aware with abilities , and those who have been Labeled Autism/seisure disorders/ scizoprenia and other mental cages..I am advocate for expressive outlets and and creating a safe space for children to be their organic and unique creations that they are. I also work one on one with children and adults to understand holistic ways to maintaining balance phyiscallly, mentally , emotionally and spiritually. I believe there are no flaws in creation .. even those that society deems Ill. I resonate deeply with the agency Psychiatric Drugging of Children .. speaking out .. and speaking the truth about it. Also the youtube channel Bipolar or waking up.. about our conciousness and how asscension and mental illness are connected.. ( spiritual breakthroughs).

I also do what I call Bliss coaching ... helping people live from the calling of their heart and support themsleves doing what they love.

We are all multi-faceted beings with so many gifts ,abilities and niches .. that we are meant to use to thrive.

Here are the areas of myself that I would love to share with you.

professional organizing *personal assistant

thrifting and up- cycling

designing fashion



Swim coachin

wellness and nutrition consultations

life coaching

financial budgeting

mosaic murals and creative projects

cooking healthy and delicious creations

event planning and catering.

traveling & more..

What are your gifts, talents and abilities? ... it woukd be my pleasure to help you design .. the p