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howdy! im Ollie. they/them pronouns, please!

my kins

[it's totally ok if you share these or know anyone who shares them, by the way!]

• Frisk (Undertale)

• Honoka (Love Live!)

• Pearl (Steven Universe)

I also ID as Nico from Love Live!, but you don't have to tag me/call me by that name ^^

tagging me as these/calling me by either of these names would make me rlly rlly happy!



• chill • loves memes • and theater •straight • 13 •smol


• THEY/THM PRONOUNS!! GOLLY! •super friendly. • sometimes they get really!!! excited!!!!! AND BUBBLY!! • loves EVERYONE •11 •loves 2 mess around and gets injured please save them. •usually types in all lowercase with occasional periods at the end.


•WHATS GRAMMAR WHAT IS GRAMMAR •TYPES IN CAPS A LOT •uses !!!!1!!!1! unironically •LOVES HER FRIENDS A LOT WOWIE WOW • cries a lot for no reason sometimes • DANCE • SWEET 16 :P •only occasional emojis


•Woah, there. •Calms the chaos. •Grammar is a must. •"Hun, darling, sweetie, love." • Mom friend. • If you do this -> "?!?!?!" she will freak out. • Lesbian (she doesn't call it being a lesbian though, don't call her that).

I really want to meet other people from my canons or just anyone from these universes at all! that would be really cool and I'm always up to meeting others. thank you, and message me "the sky's the limit" ! thank you ❤️❤️❤️