Connecting sports Fans Nationwide in Seattle, Washington

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FanWide is a network for sports fans that organizes viewing parties for every pro and college team in every city nationwide. Through FanWide, fans come together for watch parties to cheer on their favorite teams and meet other fans.

Bars and restaurants use FanWide to bring in new patrons, boost sales, advertise to consumers and predict viewing party attendance to help with staffing. Venues join for free and can use the service to get free marketing for their business.

Fans that join FanWide for free (either by the mobile app or on the web) will be able to watch their favorite team play with dozens of other local fans at venues that are guaranteed to feature the game. FanWide provides these fans a great way to make new connections across the country. Fans can create an account on the FanWide homepage or by downloading the app in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.