Lupa Faol

I love to surrender into dance..To journey to other places, for inspiration & learning..To sing, especially the old stories…To create artistically, especially by transforming more ordinary objects & places..To be in nature, as wild as possible..Having contact with animals & other living creatures is important to me..I like to look with both my inner & outer eyes..To try to heal or clarify..See the deeper things underneath & possible ways forward..Use my mind & heart in a good way, while also understanding by intuition & being spirit-lead.
Authenticity has always been really important to me. It’s an-going journey for myself and I try to encourage it in others..It can be quite a challenging preference in our current world.
I have an enduring interest in knowing this world & beyond. Also in environmental & human rights issues and in looking at ways to encourage well-being & balance.
I have loved to attend gatherings with adults & children, where there’s an emphasis on respecting & being one with nature. Creating a sense of magic & mystery, story-telling, craft-making & celebratory & ritual work. Honouring our relations of all kinds & helping to create a good, healthy world for those who come after us. Spirit & earth & the shamanic path, feel like a way of being that is very natural to me.
I’ve also worked with organisations who actively support environmental issues & indigenous tribal groups. Helping sort their photo library & set up an exhibition for a book launch. I was due to go & work on behalf of Amazonian tribes, but having struggled with the language, a native speaker was by far the better choice!
My work has been in science, film, the arts and for a long period, helping people with support needs to move forward, especially those with mental health support needs. 1:1 & group work, teaching, coordinating & providing presentations etc. I have recently assisted in setting up a charity shop to help revive my local street, am currently leading a community group and I work with children in ecology, arts, outdoors & in the classroom.
Life is an adventure & a dance. Up and down, dark & light. There seems so much to learn & do, with some urgency at this time. I'm looking to use my current skills in a self-employed or small group way and would also like to learn more about herbs for health & other needs.

  • Work
    • Group facilitation, Creative Arts & Healing,
  • Education
    • Zoology
    • Various arts, crafts and design
    • Jewellery making, Photography, Interior Design.
    • Art Therapy, Counselling, Reiki, Massage, Shamanic methods
    • Metamorphic Technique.