Faraaz Mohiuddin

ان الحمد لله نحمده و نستعينه و نستغفره و نؤمن به و نتوكل عليه This Life is a test for the afterlife. I strive to live by the ideals of Islam. There is hardly anything in this world i love more than the kalaam of Allah. I work for fun, and i seek work opportunities that are professionally challenging and personally meaningful. I look for meaning everywhere. Leads me into momentary periods of anxiety. But it all ends well. I find meaning at the end of the day. I see myself as a writer, an educator, and as a Muslim who believes he should play a role in the upliftment of his own community. I also see myself as a student. I have a lot of varied interests. I believe that reflects the beauty and variety of life itself. My wife's name is Afrah Taher. We have been married since Dec 2008. We make one HAPPY family , we also have a kid called Hisham. I live with my parents and family in Tolichowki