Farah Aladdin

I don't belive you people would actually know me from some words I type, to know a person it takes lots of effort. But anyway, I'll try to summon up myself in a few lines.

Hi, I'm Farah Aladdin, an egyptian 16-year-old freak of a person. It's kinda weird the amount of stuff that I love and like to do. noy good at most of them actually.

Painting, reading, writing, singing, dancing, swimming, Basketball, photography, jogging.. and the list goes on and on.

I have lots of ambitions, the biggest is to become the best Architect in Egypt, possibly the world. Yes I want to be an architect, just like my father. :)

I try to write just to let it out, some people said what I write is pretty good, I'm not really convinced, but okay, who says no to a compliment?

Painting, huuh. This is my number one source of joy, it warms my soul to hold a brush and mix the colours, artists will relate to that feeling for sure.

Anyway, this has gone on for too long. Have a nice day, amigos. (: