Fara Hana

Dungun, Terengganu, Malaysia



from shah alam.

currently staying in Terengganu

second child out of 3

En. Amri & Pn. Roslina daughter

SPM candidates 2014

engineer will be

love to play

prefect of kakarians

i love all of my friends.... crazy.... hmmm..shorrtly i say..i do something for someone special..i mean my family...i will struggle do it if my parent ask me to do it..I LOVE MY FAMILY...and also love my friends...i not like to fight...but sometimes they make me feel angry and make me wanna punch their face...even that thing dont happen yet..but please dont do the thing i dont like..i can be patient with your attitude..but my patience had a limit...so dont over acting..cuz you will see myself that you never see before... im not easily angry...well..i juz think about my study..and fulfill my mom last wish towards me...i like sporting and open minded person..i dont like sensitive person..if he or she is sensitive..i think the cannot stand with me...maybe they would cry...maybe im to bad..and last thing..dont get messed up with my bestie and family..i will kill you...!!!

  • Education
    • SMK Agama Kuala Abang