Farah Annuar

Student, Musician, and Aesthetician in Taman Seri Gombak, Malaysia

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What up What up ladiessss and gentlemen ;-) . Heyy Nerdiess, First of all my name is Farah and y'all can call me what ever you wanted to, cause i dont care, as long as you're happy. People used to appreciate my annoying-ness .

What is important to me ? i won't give such a cliche answer to y'all. People be like, my family is so important to me bla bla bla. Everybody knows that. What else important to me is food. I'm literally serious about this . As i said that it is important, so i won't share my food with y'all . NEVERRR EVERR !

How to support me ? easy baby. Just mind you're own business. I will ask an advice if i wanted to. What is the most important thing to support me is, TRUST. I might do the same mistakes all over again, but i need y'all to believe me that i can do things that i wanted to do.

Graciasss ~~